Security Cameras and DVR

We have been in the surveillance cameras and DVR business since 1998. There may be cheaper alternatives such as with a do-it-yourself approach. Although, we respect the truest American tradition of DIY, with matters like security matters are best left with experts – learning from your own mistakes may be very costly when it comes to security cameras. We have experience in setting up a solution that fits your budget and needs. We offer systems that:

  1. Detect and deter theft
  2. Allow you to monitor your storefront, office, or employees
  3. Allow you to watch the live video stream anywhere on PCs, MACs, and even smartphones (iPhone, Android)
  4. 1-year warranty
  5. On-site repairs
  6. Quick 24-hour turnaround in case of failure
  7. Motion sensing

We will guide to select the best type of cameras based on your needs, e.g. Dome, PTZ – Motion, Bullet, Outdoor Weatherproof, IR, etc.

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