Disk Drive Recovery

Data-tape- media- digital- I pod-all types of hard disk drive crash and data loss types. We don’t just recover hard drive data, but also offer more service options and hard drive recovery tools to salvage data than most in the industry.  Hard drive data recovery is at the core of our expertise, we maintain the highest industry success rate and are often able to recover data most of today’s “recovery” shops simply call unrecoverable.

Logical Physical Disasters
Deletions Head Crash Fire
Virus Infection Media Damage Flood
Corruption Electrical Damage Hurricane
Lost Password Controller Error Tornado
Damaged / Overwritten MFT Actuator Failure Earthquake
Lost Partition structure Damaged Motor Power Spike
Formatted Partitions Bad Sectors Earthquake
File Deletion Heat Related Failure Power Shortage & Spikes

Operating Platforms and Drive Makes:
We perform hard drive data recovery for the following operating platforms and makes.

Operating Systems OEM Makes
Windows XP , Windows 2003,Windows Vista Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate, Hitachi, Fujitsu
Windows 7, Mac OS IBM , Quantum, HP, Samsung.