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Sales, Liquidation of new and refurbished items

Office Liquidation

Whether your company is upgrading, downsizing, or just getting rid of your old computer hardware, we can help you maximize the salvage value of your computer hardware. Don’t just throw your hardware in the trash, let us handle reselling and, if needed, proper recycling of your computer hardware. We are an eco–conscious that understands the […]

Mac Specials

Apple’s brands are the quintessential example of wonderful design with solid performance. However, not everyone has deep pockets to afford it. We stock lightly used and refurbished Mac desktops and laptops with guaranteed performance. Don’t buy lemons from Craiglist, we are you neighborhood store for over a decade. We stand behind our guarantees.

Security Cameras and DVR

We have been in the surveillance cameras and DVR business since 1998. There may be cheaper alternatives such as with a do-it-yourself approach. Although, we respect the truest American tradition of DIY, with matters like security matters are best left with experts – learning from your own mistakes may be very costly when it comes […]