Who We Are.

We are group of computer hardware engineers and certified A+ technicians. We are your neighbor and deeply value the personal interactions we have with our customers. We have been in business since 1995 and have seen many computer stores come and go. When the going got tough, we worked harder. We love what we do, and would love to serve you!

Why us?

We have seen the influx of cheaper hardware and big box stores, kill small businesses left and right. And although, the prices keep falling, so do the quality of service. Big box stores are notorious for not giving the personal attention, if any, to customers needs and budget.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have seen smart shoppers use Craig’s List to maximize the bang for their buck. However, the likelihood of getting a lemon increases. If it’s bad, who do you return it to? Where’s the store front? Is there a middle ground between these two extremes?

Meet Computer Zone USA! We are a small business that works hard to bring results and best value for your computing needs. We love to hear from you! Call us or drop by our store.

Our History:

Computer Zone USA began in 1987 with a vision that personal and business computing was not just for a select few, but for everyone. Computer Zone USA opened its first store its first store in Bangalore, India with the name Computer Zone to bring to this growing city one of the first full-service computer/printer sales and service as well as networking outlets in all of southern India.

In 1995, the vision that was born almost 10 years prior was once again expanded almost 9,000 miles away in the great city of Chicago, IL with Computer Zone’s first US Branch, Computer Zone USA, providing American consumers with the same high-quality service and sales experienced by our global neighbors in India.

In 1999, Computer Zone USA expanded the original vision of helping to provide personal/business computing and networking to the sales/service of personal and business video security systems, serving homes and businesses throughout the entire Chicago land area and beyond.

For over 24 years, Computer Zone USA has committed itself to providing the latest technology in computing , networking, and video security systems to its valued clientele with the thought that business is not just about dollars and cents but about listening to the needs of the customer and establishing strong and valued relationships.

Stop by Computer Zone USA today for all your personal/business computing, networking, and/or security system needs!

We are located at:

1340 W Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60657
Call us at (773) 539-1045
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